New Hampshire Mountains
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4,004 ft.
Jackson, NH
Pinkham Notch
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AMC White Mountain Guide,
26th ed., Map #1



Isolation from Rocky Branch Trail

     Hikers who venture out to remote Mt. Isolation will be rewarded with a new perspective on Mt. Washington and the southern Presidential Range.  Isolation offers a view of these mountains that many hikers - who have gazed upon Washington from the familiar vantage points of the Presidentials themselves or from the Carters or Franconia Range - will not have seen before.  Isolation is located south of Mt. Washington on the Montalban Ridge with the southern Presidential Range extending along its western flank.  Isolation is aptly named as it is remote and there is no fast way to reach it.  Many hikers choose to hike it in two days but it can be tackled as a long day-hike (click on the Preplanned Hikes link to the left for more information). Isolation is one of the 48 designated 4,000 Footers in New Hampshire.

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