New Hampshire Mountains
East Osceola
Quick Facts
4,156 ft.
north of Waterville Valley
south of Kankamagus Highway (NH 112)
Best Map
AMC White Mountain Guide,
26th ed., Map #3



East Osceola from Osceola

     There is no view from the summit of East Osceola.  However, there is an excellent view from its sister to the west, Osceola, a mile away.  East Osceola and Osceola are are two of the 48 designated Four Thousand Footers in New Hampshire.  If you are attempting to climb these, then it makes sense to summit both on the same hike, an easy endeavor.  Although there is no view from East Osceola's summit, there is a fine view from the Mt. Osceola Trail on its northern side coming up from the Greeley Ponds Trail.  The view is from a rock slide and you can see the Greeley Ponds below and mountains nearby.  The Greeley Ponds (about 0.4 mi. from the Mt. Osceola Trail) are scenic and a nice place to relax if you have some free time after visiting the Osceolas.  The Osceolas are located in the Sandwich Region of the White Mountains.

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