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Preplanned Hike for the Tripyramids: Slide Trails
Quick Facts I
Livermore Road parking lot, loop
7 hours
Very Steep
* Livermore Road an easy hike
* Recommend mountain bikes on Livermore Road
* Slide Trails very challenging
Hike Rating 5 Stars
Quick Facts II
North Tripyramid (4,140 ft.) Middle Tripyramid (4,110 ft.) South Tripyramid (4,090 ft.)
Waterville Valley, NH
Best Map
AMC White Mountain Guide,
26th ed., Map #3


Strongly Recommended


     The Tripyramids consist of three peaks: North Tripyramid (4,140 ft.), Middle Tripyramid (4,110 ft.), and South Tripyramid (4,090 ft.).  They form the eastern wall of Waterville Valley in New Hampshire's White Mountains.  Many people hike all three peaks on the same trip starting at Livermore Road and using the slide trails, which form a loop.  The North and South Slide Trails are actual rock slides and offer a challenging hike because of their steepness and slipperiness.  It is generally recommended to hike up the North Slide Trail, traverse across Middle Tripyramid, and then down South Tripyramid. This is because the slabs of stone on the North Slide Trail are so steep that most people prefer going up them than down them.  The views from the peaks are nothing special but the views from the two slide trails are good and the fun of hiking on these rock slides make the Tripyramids a very memorable event.  The Osceolas, Waterville Valley, and Tecumseh can be seen to the west. Middle and North Tripyramid are two of the 48 designated 4,000 Footers in New Hampshire.  The Tripyramids earn 5 stars because hiking on those rock slabs is a blast.

Preplanned Hike 

    Snacks can be bought in the stores immediately off I-93 or at Waterville Valley town center.  Park in the Livermore Road parking lot.  The hike begins on Livermore Road.  Livermore Road is the dirt road adjacent to the lot that was blocked by a metal gate as you entered the parking lot.  From the lot, take a left onto Livermore Road and stay on it until you reach the Slide Trail signs.  Livermore Road is an easy hike with little elevation gain.  If you are day-hiking the Tripyramids, I highly recommend mountainbiking the 2.6 mi. on Livermore Road to the South Slide Trail junction, locking your bike to a tree there, and then hiking the additional mile to the North Slide Trail.    I recommend this unconventional approach because Livermore Road is an almost flat dirt road that you hike for several miles before turning onto the trail and heading up.  Why not ride it?  What a joy it will be to ride that bike back to your car at the end of the day!  At 2.6 mi. pass the South Slide Trail. At 3.6 mi. turn right onto the North Slide Trail.  Gradually up in the forest for a short distance, then walking on rock, then on scree that is the rock slide.  Very steep ascent up rock slaps and some scree.  Views of the Osceolas. Near the top, Pine Bend Trail enters from left.  Tree covered summit.  Gradual, easy hike to Middle Tripyramid.  Also an easy hike to South Tripyramid.  The South Slide Trail is a very steep, rocky, scree-filled descent.  Sort of like skiing down scree.  Once you enter the trees, it becomes a very pleasant, gradual hike back to Livermore Road.


     The Tripyramids are located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. More specifically, they comprise the eastern wall of Waterville Valley, home to Waterville Valley ski and summer resort.

I-93, Exit 28, NH49, Waterville Valley/Campton exit.
NH49 East to Waterville Valley. Mark odometer.
At approximately 9 mi., on right will see sign for "ski area" and then for Waterville Valley.
At approximately 10 mi., turn left onto Tripoli Rd.
Mark odometer (under 2 miles from here).
On left, will pass Waterville Campground, WMNF.
On right, will pass Mobil gas station.
At 1.2mi., veer right at fork staying on Tripoli Rd.
(veering left would take you up to Waterville Valley ski area).
Junction Waterville Valley Road and Tripoli Rd.
Turn right to stay on Tripoli Rd.
"Depot Camp and Livermore Trailhead, WMNF, turn right ahead" sign.
Turn right, go over bridge.
Turn immediately left onto dirt road, will see gated road (this is Livermore Road).
Park in lot.

Submitted by: Mark, MountainSummits.com, age 30, athletic male.

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